How to sell

For most people, you’ll be buying a new property and selling your existing one when moving home. This often creates a ‘chain’ where everyone needs to act promptly to ensure all the sales and purchases go through smoothly. The most important factor when moving home is to sell your property first. Why?

Normally, the purchase of your new home is financed by selling your current home. Making an offer on a new property without having first sold your own will delay your purchase. This makes you less attractive than someone who has already sold their property. Offering more may not help – if you haven’t sold your property the vendor will know that you are not ready to move. So, sell your property first.

First impressions

We all know first impressions count and when it comes to selling your property first impressions are vital. Making your property more sellable will speed up the sale and can potentially make you thousands of pounds more by increasing the price people are prepared to pay. Here are some top tips on how to make your home easier to sell.


Take a fresh look at all those newspapers, trinkets, vases and general stuff that you have lying around. Move it, store it or throw it! Lots of ‘stuff’ particularly lying on the floor makes a property look cramped, disorganised and smaller. Don’t forget, it’s all about lifestyle, if there is nowhere to store your essential collection of trumpets or dolls, put them in the loft for now in tidy boxes.

A little decoration

If you’ve got a bit of peeling paint, a stain or a crack along the skirting board, don’t hesitate. Get a decorator in for a day to address the bits of you house that are visibly a little shabby – every house has them!


The front of your house is the first thing people see. Making a property appear attractive, warm and welcoming is essential. At Rumball Sedgwick, we know that many people make up their minds on a property within the first few seconds of arriving and crossing the threshold, so make the front count in your favour:

  • Clean your windows, inside and out
  • Give any wooden framed windows a lick of paint
  • Remove, hide or make any rubbish bins more discreet – can you buy a box to put them in?
  • Get rid of any, litter, weeds or other eyesores
  • Give your front door a new coat of paint and if you can a nice plant on the front path
  • Hallway? Keep it completely tidy, no toys, bikes, prams or shopping!

For the back garden, cut the grass, declutter, remove all rubbish and make it look like the garden is part of the day-to-day lifestyle of the house, where gardening BBQs and relaxation is an everyday occurrence!


  • Declutter – so important we mentioned it twice!
  • Clean – get the property really clean throughout, consider a professional cleaning service to do carpets, windows, make it sparkle!
  • Do those minor repairs – door handles, grouting, curtain hooks. Take a fresh objective look at your property and fix all those little items you’ve been putting off.
  • Smells – your property should smell light airy and fresh. Professionally clean the property, put some fresh flowers out and open the windows. Yes! The old adage of freshly brewed coffee is true!

Consider a new kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house as it reflects the lifestyle that people aspire to. If your kitchen is over five years old, it may need replacing, or at least improving. You can fit new worktops, new doors for the cabinets or replace old taps and fittings. A great kitchen that appear new can add a lot of value to your property.

Practice the positives

There will be obvious selling points of your property, whatever the location or condition. It is important to focus on the benefits of the property and not talk about any negative aspects. Think about:

  • Can the property be developed?
  • What amenities are close by
  • Is your house in a great school catchment area?
  • Have you done any great works to the house recently

Make sure you know all the benefits if you are asked and make sure you tell us too!

When it comes to selling your property making a great first impression is essential. It can make your property sell fast and potentially make you thousands of pounds more by creating a ‘wow’ factor that gets people making offers.

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